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What is Transformation?

What is Transformation?

Transformation is the state of being fully alive in every moment. It is remembering who you truly are and who you were born to become. When we transcend the limitations of our 'stories' and identification with these stories, then the veil begins to fall and we see that we truly are here to step into our fully embodied self. We are incredible beings of love and light. We are 'stardust' embodied. We were born and forgot and now we begin to remember.

Along this journey of remembering we may move through trauma, limitation, separateness, fear, sadness, anxiety, depression, isolation and struggle. I was personally stuck here for many years. I was overly identified with my traumatic past, my addictions, my victimhood and my drama. Periodically, I would get glimpses of the person I was born to be, but then I would forget and return to the mundane. It was as if a veil would lift and then return. When it lifted I would feel light, energised, complete, powerful, and limitless. When the veil returned my energy would become sluggish, heavy and all the possibilities just seemed to vanish. My over-identification with the ‘me’ who is a mother, daughter, sister, author, or addict kept the veil from being lifted permanently. I had to spend enough time as the watcher of my thoughts rather than being overly identified with them, to fully remember that who I am is the watcher of the thoughts, not the thinker of the thoughts.

My own journey to becoming the watcher included yoga, psychedelics, pranayama, meditation, mindfulness, connection to nature and martial arts. The modality that had the greatest impact on me and moved me on my journey to remembering the most was transformational breathwork. The breath is the Guru of the present moment. When we learn to consciously breathe throughout our day, then we stay connected to the now, the only moment that change can happen. When we stay connected to the present we awaken our connection to the universe, our higher selves, each other, the planet and all the creatures that live on this beautiful home called earth. Breathwork is an incredible tool to help us along this journey of remembering, re-integration and re-connection.

When we undergo a transformational breathwork journeys with a great Breathwork coach we supercharge our trajectory into growth, insight, intuition, higher purpose, healing and release.

A journey involves a carefully curated musical backdrop; conscious connected breathing, and active coaching throughout the 90 minute session.

Breathwork is an amazing tool that all the ancient sages knew about and used to reach their transcendent states. Now you can learn to use it too.

If you want to travel on the turbo charged highway to your embodied future then work with a Breathwork specialist.

Welcome home to you.

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