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Let's Celebrate Neurodiversity: Thriving in a Neurotypical World

Neurodiversity Celebration Week might be drawing to a close, but my hope is that the celebration of neurodiversity will continue.


As a fellow neurodivergent woman, coach, and trainer, I share the  frustration of neurodivergent individuals who are experiencing the fallout from current deficit-based models. When we focus on what "isn't right," we miss out on the incredible strengths and gifts that neurodivergent individuals can bring to the table.


Here is a shift in perspective:


·      Imagine a workplace that thrives on the hyperfocus and detail-oriented nature of some neurodivergent individuals.

·      Envision brainstorming sessions fuelled by the unique perspectives and out-of-the-box thinking of neurodivergent minds. You need risk takers to question the status quo.

·      Picture a world where the passionate intensity of neurodivergent people drives innovation and creativity like never before.


This isn't a pipe dream. This is the reality when we recognise and celebrate neurodiversity.


Moving Beyond "Reasonable Adjustments"


The struggle for "reasonable adjustments" within supposedly inclusive systems is all too real. I see it day in and day out in all types of organisations, large or small. However, when we move beyond just making things "okay" for neurodivergent employees and instead focus on systemic inclusion then:

·      Neurodiversity is seen as an asset, not a liability.

·      Managers are actively trained to understand and support neurodivergent employees, fostering a culture of empathy and collaboration.

·      Assistive technologies and flexible work arrangements are not seen as special favours, but as tools that empower employees to reach their full potential.


Neurodiversity Isn't Just About Adjustments; It's About Opportunity


This isn't about creating a separate system for neurodivergent employees. It's about building a workplace and a world that works for everyone. Here's what you, as a business owner or HR lead, can do:


·      Champion neurodiversity: Make it clear that neurodiversity is valued in your company.

·      Invest in education: Train managers and staff on neurodiversity and its strengths. If you need help in doing that reach out on

·      Embrace flexibility: Offer flexible working arrangements and schedules as standard.

·      Provide resources: Make assistive technologies readily available from day 1.

·      Lead by example: Foster a culture of open communication and understanding.


Together, we can rewrite the narrative. Let's champion a world where neurodiversity is celebrated as a source of strength, not a cause for struggle.  Keep the celebration going!

Jannice Jones is a Positive Psychologist and founder of Jannice Jones Coaching. JJC are champions of neurodiversity, all our coaches, consultants and trainers are themselves neurodiverse. If you would like help moving towards systemic inclusion, workplace education, management training or coaching then please reach out

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