Personal Coaching

I love to help people find their purpose. I use my experience, knowledge and intuition to find the right questions to ask, the questions that take you to your deepest truths, the questions that matter:

Who I Work With:

• Female
• Forty +
• Looking for Life Purpose – finding your ‘Why’
• Wanting a Career Change
• Needing to find Meaning
• Suffering from Empty Nest
• Post Divorce

What I offer?

• 1-1 Coaching
• 1-1 Mentoring
• Later in 2019 Group Coaching
• Later in 2019 Academy
• Planned 2020 Masterminds
• Planned 2020 Retreats


• Feeling Fearless and Fulfilled
• Ability to Focus
• Clear vision, roadmap and commitment

Are you suffering from “empty nest” syndrome?
Has your marriage failed or is it stale and unfulfilling?
Are you still in a job that you dislike and not following your true calling?
Are you overweight or unfit, with an unhealthy relationship to food and/or your body?
Are you permanently “stressed to the max” and wondering what on earth it is all about?
If so, I want to work with you.

I want to go with you on an exciting journey to fulfilment where you lose your fear of being your authentic self and instead step out into the world as your most fabulous self.

Maybe you want to start your own business, travel, embark on your spiritual transformation or write that book you have always wanted to write.
Whatever it is that you want to do we can do it together. I will support, encourage, challenge, champion and keep you focussed on what really matters to you, so that your 40+ can be the best, most fulfilling years of your life to date.

Areas we will focus on:

• Long held dreams and aspirations.
• How to get your body working well to support you.
• Challenges – Limiting Beliefs and Brules (Bullshit Rules).
• How to get your brain fully fired up and working for you.
• How to give yourself permission to be 100% of your authentic self.

I am a trained life coach, counsellor and NLP practitioner. I draw on my training in EFT(tapping) Mindfulness, CBT and the latest teaching in Positive Psychology and Neuroscience.

Personal Business Coaching Okehampton Devon