When Love Is A Drug: A Guide to Surviving Love Addiction

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My New Book Is Published!

‘When Love Is A Drug: A Guide to Surviving Love Addiction’


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October 2018: I am very pleased to announce my new book ‘When Love Is A Drug: A Guide to Surviving Love Addiction, has just been published on Amazon and Kindle. It is based on my own experiences and has lots of practical help about.

‘When Love Is A Drug tells the story of three love addicts. It portrays the depths of despair that all three faced and how they each turned their lives around. It describes what love addiction is and how you too can thrive despite suffering from this terrible affliction. If, like us, you are a fellow love addict, you will find information and guidance within these pages that may be invaluable in your diagnosis, understanding and subsequent recovery from love addiction.’

  • What is “Love Addiction” and how does it differ from “Co-Dependency”
  • An explanation about the term “Sexual, Social and Emotional Anorexia” and how this applies to the majority of love addicts
  • It will give you an understanding of how fear of intimacy is at the core of love addiction
  • Practical help on detoxing from a love addicted relationship
  • Resources to move forward a happier, healthier you.

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