Corporate Business Coaching

Employers who are looking to attract and retain high calibre employees know that engagement and meaning are two of the most important aspects of a role for today’s workforce. Perks and pay are no longer enough of a pull. Millenials are especially drawn towards working for employers who have clear values which are expressed in all aspects of their business, not just with customers, but throughout the whole organisation.
For many organisations improving engagement is proving to be incredibly difficult and are therefore looking to business consultants and coaches to help with this.

Any culture change within an organisation needs a clear plan in order to implement the change. I can help with this, especially if the change needed is within the sales side of the organisation.

I draw upon 20+ years within sales and marketing where I have been a successful business owner and worked at C Suite level. I draw upon my organisational models from NLP, my coaching models, positive psychology and business models in order to help you to achieve the change. It is never a one size fits all solution but a tailored programme designed to fit the needs of your organisation.